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US Hemp Plastics (USHP) is a full-service, fully integrated, biotech plastics manufacturing organization. USHP provides an alternative to our current reliance on petroleum-based plastics with an ecologically conscious hemp based polymer. We partner, exclusively, with forward thinking companies to develop high quality, innovative product offerings for their customers across an entire range of industries.  

Is this our future?

The Problem is Critical

A Love Affair with a Slow Killer
Petroleum-based plastic pollution affects every continent on the planet. China will no longer accept US plastic pollution. Collectively, modern society needs to transition to become more eco-friendly. In 2019, 300 million tons of plastic was commissioned by manufacturers worldwide. This is having a serious impact on the health of our planet, our food sources, and our children. Changes need to be made NOW to protect future generations.

An Unlikely Solution
Recent technology has opened the door to a new breed of eco-friendly polymer using the stalks of the Hemp plant. Not THC or CBD related at all, but the other non-medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant. No longer reliant on petroleum, these bioplastics are renewable, sustainable, and often made using agricultural waste. Hemp plastic is the way of the future—become part of the solution by supporting a newer, greener plastic resin supply alternative.

The Solution is here – the time is NOW!

Stronger, Lighter, and Better

The cellulose from hemp is rated at 60-70%, which is nearly perfect for making a different range of plastics, including rayon, celluloid and cellophane. Compared to oil-based Polypropylene (PP), hemp plastic is 150% stronger in tensile and 250% better in rigidity. The light weight and powerful structure makes it a superior choice for the plastics industry.

We have: 
-A visionary commitment to Research & Development and product innovation 
-Expertise in filling and labeling unusual and hard-to-fill components/product types
-A local, national, and international customer base 
-We are a disabled Veteran and minority-owned and operated company

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the manufacture of quality, innovative products and operational supply chain experience in the U.S. and international markets.  USHP is an approved government contractor and has the stage set to engage immediately in sole sourcing and contracting for the Federal Government.

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US Hemp Plastics is proud to be a disabled Veteran and minority-owned business.

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